peer mentoring and coaching

Where and how do we learn to mentor? Mentoring initiatives in their many guises are valuable elements in building leadership efficacy. Refined and more developed approaches to mentorship are required that consider the complexities and conundrums which confront individuals, organizations, and the living systems in which they function. Mentors are learners, leaders, warriors, sages and peers providing deep dialogue and rich reflection required to cultivate what is being called into the world through the transformative power of relationship over time.

Working as a peer/coach/mentor I strive to create:
• An understanding of the multiple layers of mentoring and the capability to apply them to real time, real life situations,
• Deeper insight into the source of authentic expression of self and other,
• A clear sense of trust and confidence in individual capacity to lead change and guide others,
• Awareness of tools and processes to shift complex ideas into practical application and plain language to apply appropriately and effectively.

 Mentoring: stewarding together what is being called for in the world, manifested through :

  • A profound intention
  • Reciprocal connection and agreements
  • Deep sharing and dialogue over time
  • Integration of support and stretch—the creative tension of being on a learning edge
  • Sharing of knowledge, skills and mindsets
  • A focus on individual and collective developmental stages
  • Growing competency, capability and ‘artistry

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