We are holding a series of intentional conversations that explore the interconnections and relationships of varied perspectives [elements, worldviews] on a contemporary understanding of ‘spirituality and its role in our daily lives’.   Intrigued? Want to be involved? Be in contact.

My work is rooted in creating connections and discerning the social context of our ‘being’ and ‘doing’. 

There’s lots to explore and learn: to apply and integrate.  And to practice….i offer to support you as: 

Exploring the ‘SOCIAL’ dimensions of  inclusion, identity, space, learning, innovation and leading.

  I’m learning in collaboration with others to share processes, tools and approaches that   focus on:

• The social space in which we live, interact and create relationship with other people, societies and surroundings. It includes our families, workplaces, institutions, our communities….the physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual. Our place.
• Our social location, the dynamic social and personal experiences people encounter, assimilate and/or integrate.
• Our social identity, the person’s sense of who they are based on the groups to which they belong.
that are the basis of how we can learn, lead and innovate.
Social Learning theory provides an explanation of how we learn when we are in social contexts.
Social Leadership theory suggests that leadership is shared through the interactions or social exchanges of the leader, followers, and the situation
Social Innovation -novel solutions to a social problem that is more effective, efficient, sustainable, or just than current solutions. The value created accrues primarily to society rather than to private individuals. 

 Be in touch….to talk about connecting, terms and conditions, contracting, possibilities.