Fish don’t know they are in water. Similarly, we human beings do not often consciously distinguish ourselves as social beings in relation to the cultures and environments of which we are a part. Yet the complexity shapes and frames our worldviews.

In the past year, I have been deeply impacted by journeying in other cultures, personal learning in community and global political shifts/changes. This lived experience and reflection has fostered a strongly felt sense that the context of our social ‘environment’ is largely undistinguished and undifferentiated in leadership, training and learning initiatives. Like the fish, we have not developed the awareness of the complexity of our social space/place, creating a ‘blindspot’ in our capacity [individually and collectively] for transformation.

There’s lots to explore and learn: to apply and integrate. My intention is to convene a collaborative learning process [inquiry/circle] with a group of individuals who are interested in both study and action around these questions.  The first one is happening virtually in April, 2017

We will share our own stories, with a guided focus to begin, then explore our learning and possible application…juicy and fun.
• Why is this significant and important now?
• What can we learn and apply from the literature and research related to the SOCIAL in identity, location, leadership, learning, and innovation?
• How do these concepts intersect and inform each other?
• What are the implications for leading, consulting, coaching, learning design?

Intrigued? Interested? Please comment.  And let’s connect.