It’s Spring, a time for reawakening, the return of colour, growth and beginnings.  I’m launching this website as my expression of coming ‘back to the world’. My ‘world’ is, a hub of relationship and connection, grounded in collaboration, dialogue and service.  In the past year, I’ve been travelling, learning and inquiring into what the world is calling me to NOW.  This is it!  :

“Go far enough on the inner journey, they all tell us—go past ego toward true self—and you end up not lost in narcissism but returning to the world, bearing more gracefully the responsibilities that come with being human…“Leadership” is a concept we often resist. It seems immodest, even self-aggrandizing, to think of ourselves as leaders. But if it is true that we are made for community, then leadership is everyone’s vocation, and it can be an evasion to insist that it is not. When we live in the close-knit ecosystem called community, everyone follows and everyone leads.   Parker Palmer, Let Your LIfe Speak

Your comments will make this space come alive…please share your thoughts and feelings. How can we share what matters most?