The New York Times opinion page, AT THE EDGE OF INSIDE, by David Brooks, in June 2016, resonates so profoundly with me.  I live at the edge!  I’m involved and part of a number of organizations and initiatives, but I’m not often at the core.  And it’s a unique space/place to ‘inhabit’.  Drawing from Richard Rohr’s concept, he suggests:

“The person on the edge of inside is involved in constant change. The true insiders are so deep inside they often get confused by trivia and locked into the status quo. The outsider is throwing bombs and dreaming of far-off transformational revolution. But the person at the doorway is seeing constant comings and goings. As Rohr says, she is involved in a process of perpetual transformation, not a belonging system. She is more interested in being a searcher than a settler.”

Fits for me…not always willingly, but with love and commitment always.